List of Products offered

Electronic Material

Name of product Typical use
Noble metal powder Ceramic condensers, resistors
Base metal powder Inductor electrode, filter electrode
Conductive paste Electro-conductive drugs„ÄĀsolar batteries, organic EL etc.
Dispersant Ceramic condensers, resistors
Glass frit Ceramic condensers, resistors
Flux rising inhibitor Connectors, switches
Photocatalyst Anti-bacterial, deodorization and dirt-repellent effect
ITO, ATO Transparent electrode, electric conduction film, display
Organic EL material Organic EL
Cleaners Metal washing and flux washing
Anti-moisture coating agents for base plates Mobile equipment and washer
Shock controling materials,sound absorbing materials Bulding material, washing machines and vaccum cleaners

High performance materials

Name of product Typical use
Antioxidants Paint and ink, adhesive, pharmaceuticals supply and cosmetics
Aqueous type UV ray absorbent Paper manufacture, photo sensitive paper and information recording paper, electric wire
Flame retardant Cables, home appliances, kitchens, bathtubs
Liquid crystal material Mobile phones, touch panels, digital cameras
Anti-bacterial agent Display and building materials, toilet seats
Deodorizer¬? All types of plastic improving agents, other
Resin modifier Soft polyolefins
Conductive zinc oxide Electrification inhibitor and spattering drugs
Ionic liquid Condensers, fuel cells and solar batteries
Fluorine coating agent Water repellent, oil repellent, acid proof coating
Hard coating agent Plastic, film and lumber
Thermal expansion capsule Building material, automobile material and electronic material
Drug for preventing fingerprints¬? Mobile instruments, displays
Surface polarizing agent Improving resin printing quality
Colour change inhibitor Ion plating, SUS anti rust
Stain proof agent Kitchen, bath, toiletries
Resin adhesion improving agent Primer, laminate
Film surface scratch inhibitor Displays, portable game machines
Electrification inhibitor Film, moulded goods,¬? food items
Silver coating fibre Electro-conductive fibres and anti-bacterial fibres
Silicone Sealing material, water repellents
Resin phase liquefying agent Polymer alloy
Surface active agent Paint, ink and electronic material


Name of product Typical use
Reagent Research Chemical, Reagent for life science

Packing material  related

Name of product Typical use
Silica Gel Packing, containers, etc.
1 ton container
Buffer agent

Automated customer services

Name of product Typical use
¬?Reliability of organic intermediates Electronic material, liquid crystal intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates